Company History

BOHR Industries was established in 2014, since incorporation Bohr has been establishing long-term niche projects and products within the Technology, Mineral Resources, Renewable Energy and Development industries.

  • 2017

    Lithium & Beryl Resource Deposit

    Bohr has acquired a 39% stake in Mirrorplex Pvt Ltd, a Lithium and Beryl exploration company in Zimbabwe, the deposit has lithium at 2.25% and will continue exploration of the resource in 2017

  • 2017

    Arizona Land Purchase

    Bohr has completed the first of many land acquisitions for future development projects. Bohr is acquiring land within 1-hour drive from major cities showing rapid growth over the past 5 years and plans to develop residential dwellings, commercial properties and renewable energy projects.

  • 2016

    Synthetic Grass/Lawn/Turf

    Bohr continues to expand its products range and is now the distributor of synthetic grass/lawn/turf in Australia, with great arrangements to it's manufacturer we are confident we can beat any other quoted price on the wholesale market.

  • 2016

    Wind Turbine Progress

    Designing of the companies wind turbines is complete and the parts have been ordered from various suppliers for the initial prototypes. The company is planning to manufacture the wind turbines in Australia and is awaiting machines to arrive over the next month.

  • 2016

    New Facility (Australia)

    The company has moved into its new facility in Perth, Western Australia. The new facility will be used as warehousing, distribution and for manufacturing of the companies wind turbines.

  • 2015

    Wind Turbine Project

    Bohr decides to design and develop a efficient residential/commercial micro wind turbine. Engineers have been selected and the company has commenced designing of a residential wind turbine.

  • 2014

    Company Established (Australia)

    In 2014 Bohr Industries Pty Ltd was established in Australia, the company was established to manage it's subsidiary in Sierra Leone

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